Conditions of use of images

Terms of Service

The Etalab license applies to all SorbonNum documents. You can freely reuse the documents, in a private of public context, for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

On the other hand, in respect of the author's moral rights, the user has to cite the bibliographic reference of the document (title, author, date and publisher).

Please also add the permanent link to the SorbonNum record, with the mention of its origin (Sorbonne University Library). This mention will allow other visitors to explore and use the SorbonNum collections.

The Sorbonne University Library invites each user to inform it of publications using the images and contents of its digitised collections. In this way, you contribute to the open data policy of Sorbonne University, in the framework of open science.


To obtain high-resolution files, a link to a request form is provided for this purpose in each document record.

Sorbonne University does not provide reproductions of the contents of its digital library in paper format.