Obtain a document in high definition

Get a high-resolution document

The Sorbonne University Library (BSU) offers, at the request of users, a service for sending high-definition digital documents on SorbonNum. 

Each record contains a link to a reproduction request form. You will be asked for a contact email address, the desired format, the intended use as an indication and the precise references of the request.

A request for reproduction can also be made by email, to the following address: bibnum@sorbonne-universite.fr, taking care to include the same information in the request.

This service is free of charge. The documents are sent directly by email, as an attachment or via a Wetransfer link if the volume is large. The BSU does not offer the reproduction of documents in paper format.

This service is offered in accordance with the conditions for re-use of documents. The contents published on SorbonNum are placed under the Etalab free license. Reuse of the images is free of charge. The obligation remains to mention the bibliographical references of the document (title, author, date, publisher).

The permanent link to its record in SorbonNum, together with its provenance (Sorbonne University Library) may also be added. The attribution of images will allow other visitors to explore and use the SorbonNum collections.

The Sorbonne University Library invites each user to inform publications using the images and contents of its digitised collections. In this way, you contribute to the policy of opening up public data led by Sorbonne University, in the framework of open science.