Academic heritage at LERU universities

On 18 November, the European League of Research Universities (LERU) published a book dedicated to academic heritage in the network's member universities. More than twenty of Europe's most prestigious universities present their scientific and heritage collections, both documentary and non-documentary, together with all the resources and projects used to promote them. Three French establishments participated: Paris-Saclay, Strasbourg and Sorbonne University. Sorbonne University's contribution (p. 92) puts into perspective the work of inventorying and preserving scientific collections with the establishment’s commitment to open science; the development of this heritage, particularly through the SorbonNum portal; the forthcoming online publication of the scientific collections database, and documentary and non-documentary 2D and 3D digitisation projects; as part of a more global approach to opening up and distributing the university's scientific productions and research data.

The book is freely available here.